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Water Treatment and Softeners

Experience unparalleled water quality with Kraai water treatment and softening. We take pride in offering complimentary water analysis and free on-site estimates to ensure the best solutions for your water needs. Our skilled drilling team conducts thorough water quality tests for each new well, allowing us to tailor the most effective water treatment options specifically for you.

Leading our water treatment division is the proficient Matt Kurdelski, whose expertise comes from over 20 years in the well drilling industry and over 15 years in water treatment. This expertise is mirrored across our crews, and all of our service technicians have received their Water Quality University Certificate from A.O. Smith.

At Kraai Well Drilling & Water Softening, we're committed to providing not just water, but the assurance of purity and quality in every drop. Ask about our free onsite estimates for water treatment.

Water Softners


We carry quality water treatment products and systems from Water-Right® water treatment solutions. Water-Right® manufactures and sells one of the broadest lines of water softeners, conditioners, and treatment systems on the market today. Whether you are looking for a whole-house solution or to add a point-of-use system, Kraai and Water-Right® have the technology and expertise to solve most any residential or commercial water challenge.


Self-sanitizing systems that do more in a single pass, including removal of hardness, iron, and manganese, and also adjusts pH and kills iron bacteria with every regeneration.


At Kraai, we ensure the purest water for your drinking and cooking needs by eliminating harmful contaminants like nitrates, lead, arsenic, and cysts. Our advanced filtration systems deliver top-quality water, free from unwanted impurities, for your peace of mind and health.



At Kraai, we go beyond just drilling wells. We ensure that the water you use every day is of the highest quality. Choose from four families of quality water softening systems that offer everything from simplified controls and settings to systems with advanced controls and cycle sequencing. From removing harsh minerals that cause water hardness to filtering out harmful contaminants like chlorine, lead, and bacteria, our systems are engineered for efficiency and reliability. Each home and business has unique water needs which is why we offer customized solutions to match your specific requirements.

Trust us to transform your water supply into a safe, clean, and soft resource that enhances your daily living and protects your health.

Reverse Osmosis Systems for both Residential and Industrial Applications

Cartridge Filters and Unique Silica Crystal Media with a Superior Single Pass Performance

We Treat Extreme Problem Water (Acidic, Chlorine, Iron, Sulfur) and more!

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